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I am a recent Graphic Design graduate from Kingston University with a portfolio specialising in environmental and social sustainability. I am familiar with digital, print and video design. I have excellent research and analysis skills. Having lived and worked in a number of cultures internationally, I believe my experience is broad. My personal philosophy is one based around empathy and understanding. I believe that design has the ability to achieve a shift in ideology that will only generate more opportunities for beneficial societal growth.
My work to date has sought to communicate complex messages in a way that has resonance to those not already converted. Good design must not only look and feel right but also needs to be accessible. As I expanded on in my dissertation, the time pressure imposed on us by climate change means that activism can no longer be seen as “counter-cultural” but needs to become mainstream thinking. Design is a powerful tool to bridge the informational and ideological gaps between those on opposing sides of any debate.


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