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Holiday in a Holiday Town

Holiday :

This, our final iteration, a revised impression of Folkestone. Reassessing our evaluation of Folkestone, it is not so much a town left behind by time. But a town with bustling bubbles of rejuvenation, new shops businesses and public art sprouting from between the cracks. However, despite this growth its old jewels remain untouched, left to watch the town rejuvenate around it.

Taking the painters term ‘Holiday’ to mean “missed gap in wet paint”, we play off this to create a publication celebrating Folkestone’s holidays. A seaside town flush with refurbishment but the most beautiful bits got left behind. A perfect imperfection in the book itself a homage to those parts of Folkestone left behind by the progression of time.

“Holiday in a Holiday Town” our photographic book capturing both the beauty passing of time in this seaside town. Each facing image chosen to evoke the emotions Folkstone made us feel, with our own ‘Holiday’ taken right out of the middle of the book.

Collabrative project with Joseph Montagu & Ella Davidson

Static Funicular

Static Funicular :

This, our first iteration, is a photographic depiction of Folkestone. A town with a rich history, yet one that seems to have been left behind. As time moved on and vacations moved abroad what remains in the once vibrant town? Once a jewel in the south, what metaphor seems more fitting than its own static funicular, a remnant of prosperous past?

Choosing to letterpress each of the graphics onto the book to mirror the tracks of our forgotten funicular, this book retains boast an aesthetic truly inspired by the town. Each juxtaposing image selected with care to reflect the town from each of its angles, both glamorous and decrepit.

Collabrative project with Joseph Montagu & Ella Davidson

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