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Post Brexit Britan:

A hypothetical, speculative future of the darkest kind. This research project built in the aim of exposing the heartlessness of a hard Brexit by highlighting our need for each other crumbled to dust and burnt our fingers.

The horrifying fact is that, if everyone who can't claim two generations of English heritage were to be exiled from the UK, or really just “The Kingdom” at that point, would prosper greater than before. This in-depth analytical study of just why that is, is presented in format of a government released flyer in 2044.


“With Great Britain moving into a new era of focused innovation, the necessity for drastic change became increasingly apparent. It was with great foresight that the Prime Minister implemented the ‘Generational Validation’ clause into the final Brexit agreement. This clause stated that due to over-population and the pressing threat of finite resources, citizenship would be reassessed. The clause also adjusted the citizenship requirements, stating that all applicants must apply with proof of two generations of British ancestry.

Of the 66.7 million residents of the UK, 29.1 million applications met the conditions implemented by the ‘Generational Validation’ clause. With a population reduction of 56%, Britain’s geographic and demographic makeup has changed substantially since 2022.

Due to high levels of diversity within London, there was an inversely proportional citizenship acceptance rate. This led to an outflux majority. After careful deliberation, Boston, Lincolnshire, was selected as Britain’s new captial city. Since it’s appointment, Boston has grown into a buzzing hive of activity - with renovation and development strategically stretching itself out from the city centre. The landscape surrounding this once small town has been transformed into a utopian amalgamation of agriculture and urbanisation. Residential towers grew out of natural landscape, with barns morphing into markets and woodland becoming rural social space within a sprawling city.


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the historic moment Britain made the difficult decision to change its future. Our results have shown that, despite the heated controversy surrounding our unorthodox solution, we have emerged healthier and happier than ever before.

The agricultural industry makes up to 2% of the total population today. However, despite the stagnant state of the agricultural funding, it has never been more prosperous - providing us with the greatest food surplus in British history. We can now proudly claim to feed Britain sustainably. Due to the previous strain on British farms, 46% of food produce was imported. Today however, we can boast that even after feeding the nation comfortably, 18.5% of our total food production, with a monetary value of £40.2 million, can be exported as foreign aid.

Due to the fall in necessity of imported goods, we have transformed our export to import ratio. The previous strain on resources had left us with a £236 billion annual net loss. This year, we have now emerged with a £64 billion net gain. “

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