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The New Little Green Book

Environmental Capitalism:

No Time for System Reform

Responding to the inherent links between environmentalism and socialism, this campaign stresses the need for immediate solutions that utilise the current system. This book does not try and discourage revolution but it dismisses anarchy as counter-productive.

‘Systemic racism, gender inequality, homophobia and a plethora of other diseases run rampant through our system, causing those most affected to pick up
their torches and prepare to burn the boat that keeps us afloat.

However, this anger, both just and dignified, should be aimed at the hands that keep ours from the wheel, so that we might steer for calmer waters.’

‘Civil disobedience is only the beginning.
When those who are able, are truly prepared to sacrifice some luxury for the necessity of preserving our environment...

When mass boycotting is the norm and people stop enabling those that stand on our backs...

Then, we will have a chance to rectify
our society.’

Each of this booklets  28 pages attempts to inspire a new kind of revolution

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