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A page for reflection on my works gone past. 

“Holiday in a holiday Town” - Photographic book - 2018

Taking the painters term holiday to mean missed gap in fresh paint, we play off this to create a publication celebrating Folkstone's holidays.
A seaside holiday flush with refurbishment but the most beautiful bits got left behind. A perfect imperfection left in the book itself is a homage to those parts of Folkstone left behind by the progression of time.

“We take drugs” - Photography - 2018

Based on research that indicated that the youth of the UK have the highest recreational drug consumption per capita, this piece uses the visual aesthetic of club photography to draw attention to the growing issue.

contains flashing images

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“Post Brexit Britan” - Research, Print & Data Visualization - 2019

This is a speculative project with a creative concept that I developed in order to highlight some of the unsavoury aspects of the Brexit deal. Both myself and my collaborator have an immigrant parent, so we decided to explore the dystopian future timeline of a Brexit that required all residents of the UK to have two British born parents in order to remain in the country. This print based project made predictions about the future set out in a way that would engage rather than repel.  We chose a simple exaggeration of the prevailing narrative to provide a clear extrapolated example of why the UK should retain its historical open policy towards immigration.

“THEY MUST BE BLIND” (#STOPARMINGSAUDI) - Photography, Film & Installation- 2019

For this Amnesty International live brief we were asked to pick up their #stoparmingsaudi campaign and increase its awareness and support. Choosing to shed light on the UK’s part in the bombing of Yemen, we chose to build our amended campaign around the slogan “They must be blind, but we can see”. This is a reference to statistics such as: B.E.A. Systems having made ten times the amount in arms sales to Saudi Arabia than the British public have donated in humanitarian aid for Yemen, the country those same arms are being dropped on.

“Gormet Salad” - Performance, Photography & Film - 2018

Tasked with breaking a Guiness world record we strived to do something truly original. This abstract performance twisted the ideas of acceptable food preparation as cheese was grated, lettuce chopped, onions diced and tomatoes sliced, all at the hands of bicycle.

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